CLYNK for Sports

Welcome, Maine Youth Hockey!

We’ve teamed up with Maine Mariners to help your team fundraise.

If you’re a youth hockey team in Maine, we did the work for you. You already have an account under the name of your team.

Here’s what you do. It’s a simple and effective way to raise funds for equipment, traveling expenses, and anything else on the wish list.

  1. Fill out the form below to order CLYNK bags, team identifier tags, and fundraising pouches. We will mail a kit of 100 bags, tags and pouches directly to the listed address. Anyone affiliated with the team can place the order. *Bags are automatically deducted from your account when ordered. Each box of 100 bags costs $17.50 plus tax, if applicable. They are sold to your organization at cost.
  2. Place team identifier sticker tags on all bags.
  3. Fold bags and place in marketing pouches.
  4. Hand out pouches to team members, family and friends to fill at their homes.
  5. Drop filled bags at participating Hannaford Supermarket CLYNK drop locations.
  6. Your supporters with personal CLYNK accounts can also donate their balance to your team when signed into their account. It’s super simple—they just need to know the name of your Youth Hockey Association and Team. Spread the word widely for even more change!
  7. Head back here when you need more bags, tags, and pouches. Fill out the form again and keep CLYNKing.