Bag Drop is for the Consumer!

We all know that Bottle Bills have a direct impact when it comes to preserving the environment and benefiting local economies. But did you know that there is one redemption model in particular that optimizes Bottle Bills to a T?

I’m talking about the modernized and inventive approach to bottle redemption known as “Bag drop”.

Bag drop is a recycling model that was invented by CLYNK and has been operated by CLYNK and several other licensed organizations for the past 15 years. Bag drop is exactly what it sounds like! Customers bag their empties in CLYNK specific bags, tag their bags with a customer specific bag tag, and drop them off at their local Hannaford Supermarket. Your bag is linked to you! The bag tag that you put on your bag is unique to your account only.

CLYNK Mobile Payments

Bag drop is account based! Once you drop your bag at the designated drop off site, you can check your account for your refund. Accounts can be checked on a computer or cell phone. There is a brief waiting period for your bottles to be processed, but as soon as your bag tag is scanned and your bottles are counted, the money is wired to your account. Your account money is then yours to withdraw, use as store credit, or give to an organization of your choosing. It’s that easy! 

Bag drop is catered towards you! Convenience for the consumer is a pillar of bag drop. Instead of feeding containers into a machine one by one, or watching a person hand count your bottles and cans, bag drop patrons can drop their bags and go on about their day while they simultaneously receiving their refund virtually. Bag drop keeps refunds in one place. Instead of redeeming 5 dollars at a time via other redemption methods and spending it frivolously, bag drop allows customers to accumulate refund money in their account, offering the same structured savings as a bank account with the convenient ability to donate or withdraw at any time. Donation and supporting community efforts is core to who CLYNK is as a company. Bag drop makes donation easier than ever. With the click of a button you can donate all or part of your account balance to an organization or cause close to your heart. Bag drop offers extreme transparency. The counting and invoicing process uses barcode scanning and automated counters to ensure that the proper manufacturers are being billed for each container and that each container is being credited to the right customer. Bag drop gets you your money. If the system doesn’t recognize a container, it records the barcode and retroactively credits the customer once the proper manufacturer is identified. Perhaps most importantly, bag drop recycling rates are extremely high, even in comparison to other methods of redemption. Bag drop users can rest easier at night knowing they are getting both convenience and effectiveness out of their preferred method of recycling.

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