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If you’re looking for a career with the potential to make a difference, CLYNK may be the perfect fit. We love to spread our mission to new people – and to meet those who share our passion for the power of smarter, better container recycling.

We are a small, scrappy, multi-faceted team of technologists, marketers, customer experience professionals, analysts, and material recovery professionals. We value willingness to challenge incumbent thinking, an orientation toward green and recycling, and grit (or you might call it stick-to-itiveness). We hire humble, collaborative, and ambitious people, and give them room to grow and succeed.

Want To Make a Difference?

  • CLYNK is an optimistic challenger brand.
  • We are on a mission to make recycling so easy, convenient and value-generating that it feels crazy not to participate.
  • Our consumer friendly “bag drop recycling”, powered by CLYNK’s technology, is growing in an era when other forms of recycling struggle
  • The future goal is to broaden the scope of CLYNK’s technology solutions to enable other forms of container recycling.
  • Because of the economics and focus on recycling nationally, CLYNK is well positioned to for exponential growth.
  • Want to join us as we start the next wave of disruption in consumer-based recycling?

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CLYNK’s story started before we did. The year was 1976 when Maine residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of Maine becoming the nation’s third “Bottle Bill” state in 1978. In 2010, CLYNK pioneered an entirely new way to return redeemable beverage containers, and today, we have grown into a national success story. Consumers in New York, Iowa, Oregon, and Canada know and love Maine’s bag drop, as much as Maine consumers do. We are the fastest growing mode of beverage container recycling and the most requested option by consumers. Come join us and grow your career at CLYNK!

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