Bags, tags, cards, and kiosks

What do I do if I lost my CLYNK card?

Click the button, fill out the form, hit submit and we’ll drop your new cards in the mail.
For your account security, we will only replace cards if the person listed on the account is the one in contact with us.
Help! I Lost My CLYNK Card

What kind of bags can I use?

We only accept recyclables in CLYNK brand bags. They are 100% recyclable, which means they won’t end up in a landfill. With each new account signup, the first box of CLYNK bags is free. A voucher for a free box is included in mailed home signup kits, or your coupon will print out of the kiosk during signup.

Where/how do I get more bags?

Additional bags may be purchased in boxes of 10 at a participating Hannaford. A box of CLYNK bags costs $1.75 plus tax. Each bag is 30 gallons in size and sold in boxes of 10 at your local participating Hannaford Supermarket. The bags can support approximately twenty pounds.

Where can I get bag tags?

CLYNK tags can be printed from a CLYNK kiosk using your CLYNK card. Kiosks can be found at participating Hannaford stores.

What do I do if my payment slip does not print?

Please ask a Hannaford Associate to check the printer. They can usually help you onsite.

How many bags can I CLYNK at once?

CLYNK and Hannaford request that no more than 10 bags be dropped off at a single location at one time. This limitation helps ensure that no drop locations become overwhelmed, and we can continue our services smoothly for everyone.

Login and PIN related inquiries

Why am I having trouble logging in at CLYNK.com?

Login at CLYNK.com requires a unique username and password that is not the same as your email address and 4-digit PIN. You can create your own username and password when you “register” your card online.

If you originally created your CLYNK account in a Hannaford Supermarket, it is likely that you have not yet taken the step of registering your card online, and therefore you should follow the steps to register your card at CLYNK.com/signup. Have your CLYNK card handy!

On the other hand, if you originally signed up at CLYNK.com, then your card would have been registered automatically, and you would have created your unique username and password during this signup process.

What do I do if I forgot my username and password?

If you have forgotten your username, please contact Customer Service at 1.866.883.4113. If you have forgotten your password, please use the “Forgot your password?” link at CLYNK.com/login.

What do I do if I forgot my PIN?

To change your PIN via the website, log in and go to the My Account page (you will be directed there by default). Click the Change My PIN option on the left of your screen. A message with instructions will be sent to the email address on file.

Accounts, balances, and cash

Is CLYNK free?

Pretty much. You only have to pay for the bags. CLYNK does not take any portion of your can or bottle deposit, and we are paid by the bottle distributors directly. In other words, you keep the full five cents from every can or bottle you redeem (and in cases where your container is eligible for a fifteen cent return, you earn the full fifteen cents). See Maine’s bottle bill or New York’s bottle bill for more details.

How do I get my money?

Go to a CLYNK kiosk inside Hannaford, scan your CLYNK card and enter your PIN. You can check your balance or print out a payment slip. This payment slip is cashable at Hannaford’s customer service desk, with a cashier, or can be applied directly to your grocery bill.

When will I see the money in my account for bags that I’ve recently dropped?

You will see funds in your account within two business days. Please wait three full business days before contacting us if you’re concerned. You can also check out your account balance online.

How do I check my balance?

Go to a CLYNK kiosk inside Hannaford, scan your CLYNK card and enter your PIN to view your balance. Once you have registered your card at CLYNK.com/signup, you can also view your balance online at CLYNK.com/login.

I don’t think my account was credited for the correct amount. Why?

If you’re counting containers in your CLYNK bags, but your latest account credit seems inaccurate, there may be a variety of factors at play here.

For starters, CLYNK will occasionally award what are known as “research credits.” A processing research credit is issued when containers are registered with the state as payable. We update our system daily and apply those credits retroactively even if it’s days, months or years later. As soon as they’re legal with the state, you will get your change.

In other words, if you CLYNKed any containers in the past that were not part of your state bottle bill at the time, but then those containers were added to the bottle bill at a later date, you will retroactively receive funds for those newly registered containers.

Secondly, CLYNK can only return your deposit on items that have been purchased within your state. So if you’re CLYNKing in Maine, we can only give you funds for items purchased in Maine. Even then, these items must be registered with the state bottle bill in order to yield a return.

If you feel as though your account has not been credited the correct amount, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 1.866.883.4113, or email us for assistance.

My friend/relative/neighbor passed away. How do I close their CLYNK account or withdraw the funds?

First and foremost, we’re sorry for your loss. The entire CLYNK staff sends its deepest condolences. Our sentiments may seem disingenuous when written in FAQ format, and it’s difficult to convey our sincerity through non-personal communication, but we receive this inquiry often enough that we feel the answers should be publicly accessible.

Before we can close the account or execute a financial transaction, we must request a notarized copy of either the Letters of Authority for the estate or the Small Estate Affidavit. We will close the account and send the balance to the person indicated.

Mail paperwork to:
Jo Dipofi, Customer Service Manager
167 Rumery St.
South Portland, ME 04106

If you would prefer to donate to one of our CLYNK to Give partners, there are also legalities that we must follow as a business. We require a notarized copy of either the Letters of Authority or the Small Estate Affidavit to confirm the Personal Representative of the deceased’s estate. If you’d prefer not to send documentation, the funds will be turned over to the state per our legal requirement after three years of inactivity on the account.

CLYNKable Containers

What containers can go in my bag?

Any plastic, aluminum, or glass beverage container on which a deposit was paid during purchase is eligible to be redeemed with CLYNK. The container must be redeemed in the same state in which the deposit was paid in order to receive redemption value. In other words, CLYNK bags filled with containers purchased in Maine must be redeemed in Maine, and containers purchased in New York must be redeemed in New York in order to receive redemption value.

Although you will not receive redemption value, we will recycle any non-eligible containers that make it into your CLYNK bag so long as they are sturdy plastic, aluminum, or glass beverage containers that resemble those covered by the bottle bill.

To see a full list of eligible containers in your state’s bottle bill, please visit http://www.bottlebill.org.

What about plastic bottle caps?

YES, WE PREFER YOU LEAVE CAPS ON. Oops. Not like that, though.

Should I crush my containers for CLYNK?

Keep your containers in drinking form! If the barcode is damaged, we cannot give you the credit you deserve. Don’t crush or break your cans and bottles.

Is there a limit on how many containers I can put in my bag?

There is a 20-pound weight limit (we recommend that you mix plastic, glass, and aluminum to lighten the load and cushion the glass). Be sure to leave enough room to tie off the top with a strong knot. Keep in mind that your bags are traveling from your car to the drop center, then to a CLYNK truck, and eventually a processing plant. That’s quite a journey for an overstuffed plastic bag carrying unpadded breakables.

Furthermore, we ask that customers refrain from double-bagging CLYNK deposits, because it interrupts our counting process at the CLYNK plant, even if both bags are CLYNK brand.

For Maine Customers Only: Please drop no more than 6 Smiling Hill Farm bottles per bag and pad the bag with aluminum and plastic containers, otherwise, they will not make the trip due to the thin structure of the glass. Smiling Hill Farm bottles are very fragile and tend to break easily.