Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve signed up for CLYNK, congratulations! You are now part of an Eco-Forward movement that makes container redemption easy and convenient.

We’ve worked tirelessly to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of you doing the right thing for the environment – and your wallet. Our goal? To make recycling as convenient and easy as possible so everyone will participate. We’ve accomplished this by leveraging technology to simplify every aspect of the recycling process. But our technology is only a tool. Our ultimate recycling impact still requires everyone to do their part. That’s why we’ve created these FAQs – to help you get the most out of our service.

Lost your card? Simply complete this form and we will get you CLYNKing again in no time: FAQ – I Lost My CLYNK Card!

If you still have questions or want to learn more, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Ever wondered where your CLYNK containers go after you drop your bags?


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