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An Unmatched Technology Platform

CLYNK is an innovation leader in the beverage container recycling sector. Our patented technology is currently used in 4 “bottle bill” states (Iowa, Maine, New York, and Oregon) and in New Brunswick, Canada. We operate as CLYNK in Maine and upstate New York. Elsewhere, our technology is white labeled and behind-the-scenes for our recycling partners.

We do more than serve the needs of recycling stakeholders; we create unique value.

  • For retailers, we offer a new marketing paradigm, bringing customers with spendable CLYNK wallets into stores while relieving space and staffing obligations for traditional bottle return stations.
  • For beverage manufacturers and distributors, we offer a way to bring more clean, post-consumer material back for reuse and, in turn, an opportunity to showcase sustainability leadership.
  • For recyclers, we can introduce a new revenue stream through our consumer-centric bottle drop scheme, proven to drive higher recycling rates by making it easier and more pleasant for consumers to participate in the redemption process.
  • For environmental change agents, our solutions represent a gateway to bring environmental stewardship into personal and family cultures.

Combining Our Forces for Good

When you partner with CLYNK, you’ll work with our team of industry experts, who are focused on providing value at all stages of project rollout from strategy, to design, to implementation and optimization. We offer project management, data services, operational expertise, customer support, and marketing best practices.

CLYNK in Maine:

Bag Drop improves customer experience for retailers

This is where it started. CLYNK’s partnership with Hannaford grocery began with one store in 2006 and is now in all 53 Hannaford stores in the state. The program creates positive brand affinity and community engagement and drives increased store visits as customers use in-store kiosks to cash in their CLYNK balance.

Through years of close partnering with ME Department of Environmental Protection CLYNK has assisted in fraud investigations and proactively updates the state redeemable barcode database. “CLYNKing” is a verb in Maine.

Results: Increased redemption, increased customer satisfaction and Increased revenue for our partner.

CLYNK in Canada

Bag Drop is optimized through the testing of variations

This partnership, with a carbonated beverage consortium that is also an Administering Agency for the bottle bill, features Bag Drop at stand alone unmanned depots with bag printing capabilities (ReCentre) as well as Bag Drop coupled with immediate $2 bag credit (ReExpress). Now in its 5th year, the program is in its 3rd Pilot phase testing a grocer parking lot depot concept.
Results: High customer satisfaction, very positive retailer feedback, interesting learnings through highly deliberate testing approach.

CLYNK in New York

Extending convenience to more stores drives more satisfaction and more recycling

In addition to driving high customer satisfaction and brand affinity, CLYNK enforces the retailer’s commitment to sustainability, and supports their desired first impressions of clean, fresh, convenient. It also provides retailers new customer touchpoints to engage their customers to both reinforce brand messaging and incentivize behaviors through couponing. Through our CLYNK to Give non-profit solution local community engagement is enhanced.
Results: Increased redemption, Increased revenue and brand equity for our partner. Strong community support.

CLYNK in Iowa

Partner licenses CLYNK to galvanize stakeholder support for bottle bill

This is an early-stage pilot with an organization owned by the two largest beer distributors in state. CLYNK Data Services has replaced a legacy Redemption Pick Up system with a modern mobile version that seamlessly integrates with the CLYNK Bag Drop system. The pilot will feature Bag Drop at both stand alone and retail parking lot unmanned depots as well as a proof of concept mobile unit with drop doors, scanners, and a bag tag printer. It has been built to anticipate multiple processing centers and/or sublicensees. Consumer participation is currently limited to charities and VIP accounts.

Results: Too early to measure, but the two beer owners testified pro-bottle bill in last legislative session – perhaps a first in our industry!

What Our Customers Say About Us

“CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“The second one… CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“I appreciate that you’ve essentially gamified recycling.”

“Great idea for business, environment, and everyone seems to win. This is a simple concept for consumers, suppliers, and producers that picks up all the pieces and the end product is returning the cash back so it can be spent over and over.”

– Barry Craig, Portland, ME

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