Terms and Conditions

CLYNK agrees to:

  • Make available recyclable bags
  • Provide identification tags for bags
  • Provide account cards
  • Process containers for credit
  • Post value of containers to account within 2 business days
  • Provide customer service/account maintenance hotline staffed Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm (except holidays)

Customer agrees to:

  • Use only CLYNK bags for returning their redeemable beverage containers; tie securely with no containers visible
  • Drop no more than 3 bags in any given day; bags can’t weigh more than 20 pounds
  • Not crush cans or take labels off containers; CLYNK scanners must be able to read barcodes
  • Place CLYNK Bag Tags associated with your account on every bag that you drop off
  • Drop any tagged bags at CLYNK locations thru the appropriate CLYNK self-serve drop door and scan each bag
  • Drop only in-state purchased redeemable beverage containers for credit to your CLYNK account
  • Print payment slips from the CLYNK kiosk