Making Change Has Never Been So Easy

Here’s everything you need to know to CLYNK like a pro.

How to CLYNK

Bag it

Put your bottles and cans in the designated green recyclable CLYNK bag – be careful not to overstuff.

Tag it

Tag the bag securely with your personalized CLYNK bag tags which can be printed anytime you visit the CLYNK kiosk found at a participating grocer. When you sign up online, we will send you 10 tags to get started.

Scan it

Make sure to scan each bag when you get to your nearest CLYNK drop-off location, which helps ensure all your bottles and cans can be properly tracked by our system.
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Drop it

Drop the bags off and go about your day!

What to CLYNK:

Your Redemption Checklist

  • Each bottle and can will include redemption information if the container is redeemable. If it doesn’t, don’t put it in your bag.
  • Each bottle and can is completely empty and barcodes are legible.
  • Bottles are not broken, cans are not crushed, and product labels – with barcodes – are intact. Also, leave the caps on!
  • Bags are not overstuffed, ripped or damaged – this will help prevent item loss before processing.
  • Bags don’t weigh more than 20 pounds – mix plastic and aluminum with glass to more evenly disperse weight.
  • Bags are tied securely to prevent item loss before processing – double knot, please! A loosely tied, overstuffed bag will likely allow containers to escape.
  • Bag tags are adhered securely.

Why to CLYNK:

The Process Behind Your Bottle & Can Return

Legislation known as the Bottle Bill is what’s behind the bottle and can deposit you pay at the register and what allows you to redeem that deposit by returning those bottles and cans. You, along with retailers and manufacturers, play important roles in making the Bottle Bill work.

You, the consumer: Responsible for paying the deposit at checkout and voluntarily returning the containers for a deposit reimbursement. Your CLYNK account accumulates these deposits until you’re ready to cash out.

Retailers: Responsible for receiving empty containers and reimbursing your deposits. For our partner retailers, CLYNK provides this service. CLYNK is the entity that returns your deposit, allowing you to cash out or apply your funds at your local Hannaford.

Manufacturers: Responsible for reclaiming and recycling containers they have used for the beverages they sell. CLYNK is the facilitator that returns clean, recyclable material back to the manufacturers. It is our combined efforts that maintain a continuous loop.

Bottle Bill Image

We scan your bag tag, which is how we’re able to associate your containers with your account. Each bottle and can has a unique barcode that allows us to identify it in our system, match each container to the correct beverage manufacturer, and petition the manufacturer for the return of your deposit. If the container isn’t considered redeemable, no deposit can be remanded.

CLYNK Barcodes

Our primary guiding principle is to get our customers reimbursed. Once you’ve received your deposit, CLYNK is paid a small handling fee from the manufacturer facilitating that deposit return. We don’t get paid until you get paid. And, we don’t profit from the deposit you pay.

CLYNK Mobile Payments

How Can I Sign Up?

There are two ways to sign up for CLYNK, and they’re both super fast and super easy.


Why wait? Sign up now. It takes just a couple of minutes, and we’ll mail your CLYNK cards, a supply of bag tags, and a voucher for your first 10 CLYNK bags – on us.

At a CLYNK kiosk

Sign up during your next trip to the grocery store. Find a CLYNK kiosk near you. You’ll leave with a CLYNK membership card, bag tags, and a free box of bags.