An Incubator of Recycling Heroes

Bag Drop bottle redemption is a gateway to environmental stewardship. The consistent presence of CLYNK green bags in classrooms and kitchens encourages a stewardship mindset and instills a habit of recycling and pride for “doing the right thing” for the environment.

The habit of redeeming beverage containers has an impact beyond the recycling of the containers themselves. It influences the way people think about their trash more broadly and it inspires thoughts of the environment. The CLYNK green bag is a constant reminder of environmental impacts, and every discarded can or bottle elicits thoughts of personal responsibility for the choices we each make as consumers – every day, every container. This is often the most visible and present touchstone for these concepts in people’s lives.

The opportunities for changing mindsets are especially true for children. In Maine and New York, CLYNKing has become a verb and many families and classrooms use our redemption programs to teach important values to children. CLYNK’s family-friendly drop off locations enable parents to involve their children in the entire redemption process – from collection in the home, to transport, to drop off. Kids charged with key roles learn responsibility and develop pride. CLYNK for Schools boasts thousands of new participants each year.

Whether the motivations are environmental, financial or both, CLYNK brings a mindfulness about the opportunity of redeeming containers into businesses, homes, and classrooms.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“The second one… CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“I appreciate that you’ve essentially gamified recycling.”

“Great idea for business, environment, and everyone seems to win. This is a simple concept for consumers, suppliers, and producers that picks up all the pieces and the end product is returning the cash back so it can be spent over and over.”

– Barry Craig, Portland, ME