Let’s get started, shall we?

Are You Equipped to CLYNK?
By now, you should have received a CLYNK card, 10 sticker bag tags, and a coupon to redeem 10 free bags at Hannaford. If you didn’t receive these items, our Customer Service team is on it. Give them a ring anytime between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) at 1.866.883.4113 or email info@clynk.com.

How Does CLYNK Work?
Bag it, tag it, drop it—Done!
Fill your CLYNK bag with redeemable bottles and cans (Keep it at 20lbs or less. We’re mighty but strong is debatable.), tie it up, and add a sticker bag tag. Head to your nearest participating Hannaford, find the CLYNK kiosk area and use the hand scanner to scan your bag tag. Open the drop door and let it slide—finito. In two days, CLYNK! The change is in your account, accessible through a store kiosk.

Let’s hear it for change that finally brings modern technology to the redemption process and turns the mundane task of recycling bottles and cans into a community tour-de-force. We’ve created a way for you to save and manage your money, track personal recycling stats and drop at dozens of locations in the state. You can also support a vast array of fundraising organizations from your computer screen. And of course, bragging rights… together we save enough energy to light over a million lightbulbs—24 hours a day—for a full year. Plus you’re recycling and not downcycling, which is what you do when you single-stream “recycle”. Take that to the streets.