How it Works

You’ll see how a little change really adds up as soon as your organization signs up for a CLYNK to Give account (formerly known as Community Cash). You have the option to sign up online or call us at 1-866-228-8454. Once signed-up, we send you a follow-up email to provide more information. Next, you’ll simply distribute CLYNK bags with your organization’s bag tag to your members. The members will return their CLYNK bags to the nearest participating Hannaford, and within two full business days, your account will be credited!


  • Security for your organization. This means a single master account for your group.
  • You can order more bags and tags by simply calling the CLYNK to Give Customer Service Hotline at 1-866-228-8454.
  • Your group will be able to receive electronic donations from other CLYNK account holders through our website.

  • A CLYNK to Give check for the balance on your CLYNK account is mailed to you each quarter. An account activity report will be emailed quarterly.
  • You can view your balance online anytime.


If your organization has 20 supporters, and each one returns a bag every two weeks, you’ll make over $1,500 every year.*

*based on an average bag worth $3.00

What Participants Have To Say

Watch videos of how current partners use CLYNK.

CLYNK has provided us with a lot more money than we every thought was possible.” – Kathy Solley, SPCA of Hancock County

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Resource Library

Spreading the word about your fundraiser is now easier than ever with our free promotional tools available to all CLYNK to Give partners! Browse our resource library to download customizable copy, images and examples on how to communicate to your participants.

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