CLYNK to Give: Building Community

At CLYNK, community is much more than the place we work; it’s what makes CLYNK possible.


Proud Stewards

As proud stewards of the communities we serve, we welcome the opportunity to support and facilitate the important work of community organizations – providing fundraising and environmental stewardship support for giving, mindful, and passionate people who unite to support a great cause.

With CLYNK, you can re-imagine bottle redemption into a fundraising tour-de-force. Raise money for events with a one-time organized bottle drive, or solicit donations from charitable CLYNKers in your community through our CLYNK to Give program to earn quarterly income.

We have options! Organizations and causes can distribute tagged bags (we supply) to your supporters and ask them to fill those bags and drop them on your behalf. Or, you can leverage CLYNK’s online fundraising options whereby CLYNK customers can donate some or all of their deposit balance directly into your CLYNK to Give account by logging into their online CLYNK account and selecting “Donate. They also have the option to select a defined period of time where all the bags they drop get credited to your cause versus their own personal account.

Read on to see how we can help your school, organization, or 501(c)(3) to learn about recycling, to encourage recycling efforts, and to raise needed funds for important program objectives. For more information, please call the CLYNK to Give dedicated phone line at (866) 228-8454.


What Our Customers Say About Us

“CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“The second one… CLYNK makes it easy, and I like that I can control when I get my money back. It’s like a savings account in some ways.”

“I appreciate that you’ve essentially gamified recycling.”

“Great idea for business, environment, and everyone seems to win. This is a simple concept for consumers, suppliers, and producers that picks up all the pieces and the end product is returning the cash back so it can be spent over and over.”

– Barry Craig, Portland, ME

For Schools

CLYNK for Schools Challenge 2/1 -3/31/2021

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For Organizations

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