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We’re excited to officially announce the winners of the 8th Annual CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge! This year, 256 schools from all over Maine and New York recycled enough cans and bottles to raise a grand total of $42,617.86. Hannaford Supermarkets donated $21,309.35 in matching funds.

The Leaderboards have been re-posted, so check out where your school placed!

Recycling Challenge Winners

• 1st $1,500 prize: Sebago Elementary School, Sebago ($2,142.90
• 2nd $1,000 prize: 
Brunswick High School, Brunswick ($2,121.20)
• 3rd $500 prize: WG Mallett School, Farmington ($994.85) — This was a tough one to call, but it really came down to a community effort for our repeat 3rd place winners. Their fiery spirit and social presence is what gave them an edge against their competition. Well done!

New York
• 1st $1,500 prize: Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park ($
• 2nd $1,000 prize: 
Highland Elementary School, Highland ($1,869.95)
• 3rd $500 prize: Loudonville School, Loudonville ($
1,556.45) — The Planet Protectors of Loudonville made huge strides over 2018 and 2019, and generated a metric ton of enthusiasm, which was impressive considering their relatively small size. They formulated a plan that involved community outreach and educatoin about recycling at the state level. Bravo!

A note about payouts: First ($1,500) and second ($1,000) prize are awarded per state to schools who made the most change. Third place ($500) is awarded per state to schools that put forth an extraordinary effort, as identified by CLYNK. Participating school organizations collectively raised containers that counted towards their school’s total funds raised. Organizations will receive the change that they raised plus the Hannaford Supermarkets $.50 match. The winning schools will receive the prize money. These payouts will be sent out with the next quarterly CLYNK to Give checks.

CLYNK will be contacting winners to schedule a Recycling Challenge award presentation within two weeks (and we have something special in store). Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated in this great ‘collective’ effort” to improve the environment and make a change. We’re proud of you whether your school CLYNKed 20 cans or 20,000 containers.

School Social Media

We’ve written some brief “thank you” content for use on your social channels. Feel free to use or modify this copy however you’d like and include a picture of your school Challenge:

We’d like to extend our thanks to all the students, faculty, and families who donated their recyclables and/or volunteered their time for the 8th Annual CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge! The event was a great success, and we look forward to your continued enthusiasm for next year. In the meantime, keep CLYNKing those bottles and cans to make a positive change for [insert organization name here]!

It’s no joke – Winners will be announced on April 1st!

The 2019 CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge is coming to a close, everyone! We want to extend the most exuberant thanks to everyone who is making the 8th Annual Challenge a big success.

Here is how the next part of the Challenge will go down this year:

  1. We will accept all bags dropped at any Hannaford by 5pm on Friday 3/22, after that the contest is closed.
  2. It can take us up to 2 more business days to count the containers, so if you are too impatient to wait for the official results just give us until later next week before you start checking your account balances for a “final” number.
  3. In the spirit of creating some dramatic tension, we’ll be disabling the leaderboards on our website on Friday 3/22 and they will remain down until April 1st — we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag until we count every last container that was CLYNKed during the contest period. We want to have a big reveal at the end. 😊
  4. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT – we will now crown the champions on Monday April 1 instead of Friday March 29. We realized sending a message to a school audience on a Friday afternoon would make it nearly impossible for many of you to share… probably not our best communication moment. So instead we will tee-up an email with the winner announcement to go out very early Monday so that you will have it in your inbox before morning announcements. We hope announcing the winners and final earnings on a Monday will give you a better opportunity to celebrate all week long!

So push to the end, everybody! We so appreciate all of your collective recycling awesome-ness, as well as your patience and good humor while we prepare for the big results. We look forward to celebrating the outcome of 8th Annual #CLYNKforSchools Recycling Challenge with all of you on April 1.

Here’s to the sound of change for our schools,

8th Annual CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge 2019 Launches January 14th!

CLYNK! Did you hear that? It’s the sound of change for K-12 schools

We encourage our schools to raise funds and recycling awareness by CLYNKing redeemable bottles and cans year-round at participating Hannaford Supermarkets. And during our annual Recycling Challenge, January 14 – March 22, 2019, schools will get even more change—or better yet, funds in the form of a check. For every $1 raised in the Challenge period, schools will get an added 50 cent match, plus the opportunity to compete for other cash prizes! Last year’s winners raised an average of $1,500 for their school. Public and private K-12 schools in Maine or New York are eligible.

Families, you can also give some change by signing up for CLYNK and donating to your school through your personal online CLYNK account. Your influence will impact schools and the community through positive recycling momentum.

Green Schools CLYNK All Year!

So, where do you start? Check with your school Principal to be sure that they’re onboard—no deduction points for nudging.

School Assigned CLYNK Coordinators:

  1. Call and place an order for bags, tags, and promotional pouches at 1.866.228.8454. We will mail them to your school.
  2. Place school identifier sticker tags on all bags
  3. Fold bags and place in pouches
  4. Handout pouches to students, families, and teachers to fill at their homes
  5. Drop filled bags at any of our Hannaford Supermarket drop locations

When it’s time to get more bags, tags or pouches, or if you have questions, school CLYNK account coordinators can call or email us.

Be sure that your school, Green Team and/or PTO connects with us on social media @thinkCLYNK to stay up to date on everything surrounding CLYNK for Schools. Tag us in all of your posts and use the hashtag #CLYNKforSchools to show us how your school creates change. We’ll share the best stuff, so get creative with it.

We’re cheering you on from the sidelines!

2019 Recycling Challenge Official Contest Rules


Is your class interested in visiting a redemption facility? Then our doors are open. We take tour appointments Saturday through Wednesday 8am-11am. To schedule a group tour, please send us an email.

Green Team

CLYNK has all the information and resources your school needs to go green. Welcome to the team! Check out our free, downloadable Green Team Guide for Students. Head to our Shop for more items to help promote your team effort.

CLYNK for Schools Green Team Guide for Students