Earth Month at CLYNK

April is Earth Month and the 2018 theme, “Plastic Pollution,” is truly inspiring to CLYNKers. The plight of plastic touches every one of us and spans the globe. As a consumer, it’s easy to get, and hard to get rid of. And the landfill isn’t a sustainable solution. So, we’ve shared posts on our social channels about the pitfalls of plastic straws, the Great Pacific garbage patch, and the eye-opening documentary, Plastic Ocean, to name a few. It’s been fun to see that so many of you and your kiddos are into this. Your social comments were heard and your shares resonated! Together, let’s build further momentum for upcoming generations.

Earth Month involves encouraging people and businesses to curtail waste output and lessen overall resource consumption to minimize human impact on our environment. In this spirit, what are your plans for inspiring family, friends, and co-workers to make a difference? Whether CLYNKing plastic containers or purchasing products with minimal packaging, share with us and share widely on Facebook and Twitter. Tag us @thinkCLYNK and hashtag #CLYNK4Earth. We’ll share the best stuff with our online friends – to keep the vibe alive.

If you’re not already a CLYNKer, recycling your empty bottles and cans is one of the most effective ways you can participate in Earth Month. We are a multi-stream recycler, so co-mingled contamination is low. Our materials are dutifully sorted and processed back into PET plastic, aluminum, and glass by color. And more good news! Our green collection bags are 100% recyclable and we recycle every single one that makes its way back to our plant.

Join the movement and Join CLYNK. Together, let’s make change happen.

Are you interested in launching a Green Team? This is an inspiring month to make it happen! Head to our Shop and download a free copy of CLYNK’s Green Team Guide for Business or Green Team Guide for Schools.