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Please contact our CLYNK to Give Consultant at 1.866.228.8454, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. We’d like to learn more about your organization’s goals, as well as how many supporters/volunteers/donors you have so we can determine the best way to use CLYNK to help you fundraise!

CLYNK’s technology platform enables CLYNK customers to support their local charities from the comfort of their own home. Did you know that you could transfer all or parts of your CLYNK balance to different non-profits and causes?

Here’s a quick video showing you how easy it is.

Community support is core to CLYNK’s mission. That’s why we’ve built a platform that allows CLYNKers to give back to their community and for charities and causes to fundraise.

Bag Donation events make it easy for schools and charities to fundraise without having to purchase CLYNK bags and distribute them. As a CLYNKer who wants to support local charities and causes, you use enroll in a fundraising campaign for a specified period of time.

  • CLYNK to Give is a program built around the needs of nonprofits that wish to encourage and manage the donations of a large group of members or supporters.
  • A CLYNK to Give account provides the unique ability to order bags, tags, and envelopes directly through your CLYNK to Give Associate in quantities of 100.
  • All bags ordered through the CLYNK to Give program come with the corresponding amount of printed bag tags
  • CLYNK to Give account holders receive quarterly statements so you always know how your efforts are progressing.
  • In addition to donating their bags of containers, your members and supporters can also donate funds directly to your organization’s CLYNK to Give account from their own personal CLYNK account at any time, in any denomination, with no fee.
  • CLYNK to Give account holders automatically receive the funds in their account on a quarterly basis, provided there is a balance on the account of more than $50. As of 1/1/21 CLYNK will only issue payment via ACH. It’s fast and easy and is much less expensive than a paper check! We pass along the $3.25. Paper checks are $6.50 for those organizations that are precluded from using ACH.

Yes, you can. Please call 1.866.228.8454 and we will be happy to make either change.

If you are in the CLYNK to Give program, each quarter an electronic account transfer ($3.25 fee) will be issued for your accumulated balance. We only issue disbursements for accounts with a balance of $50 or more. If you do not have the minimum balance, a payment will not be made and your balance will be carried over into the next quarter.

There are no fees to use the program for fundraising. We do pass along fees associated with issuing checks. A direct deposit of funds (via ACH) fee of $3.25 will be deducted from your quarterly check amount if a check is cut. We only issue checks for accounts with a balance of $50 or more.

Effective 1/1/21, CLYNK will only issue CLYNK to Give payments via ACH. Paper checks are costly and time consuming and therefore will no longer be available with the exception of organizations who are prohibited from leveraging electronic payments.

You will be able to view your CLYNK to Give balance online with the username and password you create at sign-up.

Bags can be purchased in multiples of 100. Please contact our CLYNK to Give Consultant at 1.866.228.8454 Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm to order. Bags are automatically deducted from your CLYNK to Give account when ordered. If you’d like a smaller denomination, consider buying boxes of bags at Hannaford Supermarkets. The cost is the same – the bags are always sold at cost and are priced at $2.49 (plus tax) for a box of 10 at participating Hannaford Supermarkets or $24.99 (plus tax for non-exempt organizations) for a 100 bag order placed through CLYNK. In addition to bags, we will print and ship your organization’s personalized bag tags.

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