Special Situations

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When you purchase beverages from national eCommerce brands such as Amazon, you do not pay a deposit, therefore no credit is issued when they are returned to us. We will recycle them for you!

CLYNK takes security very seriously. There are security cameras at our bag drop locations, which are monitored by both CLYNK and Hannaford personnel to ensure that your bags make it to our recycling plant safe and sound.

If you ever feel as though one of your bags has gone missing, call our Customer Service team so we can make sure you are paid properly for the containers you have returned. Please note, however, that your CLYNK account may not be updated until two business days after depositing your CLYNK bags.

CLYNK is ready to answer any questions you may have. Call 1-866-883-4113 Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm at 1.866.883.4113.

Sadly, experience has prompted us to develop a process to close out accounts that will no longer be active.

In order to close an account or distribute funds, we require a notarized copy of either the Letters of Authority for the estate or the Small Estate Affidavit. Once we receive the appropriate documentation, we can close the corresponding account and issue any account balance to the individual designated in those documents.

Mail paperwork to:
Customer Service Manager
100 Waterman Street
South Portland, ME 04106

If you would prefer to donate the account balance to one of our CLYNK to Give partners, we require a notarized copy of either the Letters of Authority or the Small Estate Affidavit to confirm the Personal Representative of the deceased’s estate.

When an account is inactive for more than three years, funds are turned over to the state, pursuant to state law.

CLYNK does accept Smiling Hill Farm bottles, though they are not included in the Bottle Bill.  Smiling Hill Farm bottles have a thin structure and tend to break easily. Please drop no more than six Smiling Hill Farm bottles per bag and pad the bag with aluminum and plastic containers; otherwise, they will not make the trip intact. Customers may also choose to bring their Smiling Hill Farm bottles directly to Smiling Hill Farms to reclaim their deposits. As of January 4, 2023 Smiling Hill Farm will have a deposit of $2.00 per bottle, regardless of size.

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