Maine Recycles Championship

Every year, CLYNK holds the Maine Recycles Championship and rewards the schools that make the biggest recycling impact.

All K-12 grade schools and school-affiliated organizations that have an active account with Hannaford Community Cash in Maine are eligible to be enrolled. Enrolled organizations earn an extra $.50 for every $1 raised during the competition period thanks to a match provided by Hannaford. Additionally, prize money is awarded to the top performing schools. Let the recycling begin!

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Participate in this year’s Maine Recycles Championship!

If your school or organization is a Hannaford Community Cash Partner or participated last year:
Enroll Here

If your school or organization is not yet a Hannaford Community Cash
Partner, click here to join Hannaford Community Cash, or contact our Community Cash office.

If you would like to share more information with your school or organization,
use this printable flyer.

For questions, please contact our Community Cash office (M-F 9-5) at
1-866-228-8454 or

The Competition

All Hannaford Community Cash Partners affiliated with a K-12 grade school in Maine are eligible to be enrolled in the Maine Recycles Championship. New organizations are encouraged to join at any time. For every $1 raised during the competition period, Hannaford will contribute an additional 50¢ to the organization’s account. CLYNK will award additional prize money to the top 3 schools (which totals up the containers from all participating school organizations within the school) in each tier based on school size and the highest-per-student bottle returns with the following prize tiers:

Tier 1: 400+ Students

  • 1st Place = $500
  • 2nd Place = $250
  • 3rd Place = $100

Tier 2: 1-399 Students

  • 1st Place = $500
  • 2nd Place = $250
  • 3rd Place = $100

How It Works

Each participating school or organization will receive CLYNK bags, personalized bag tags, and informational bag envelopes to be distributed to students and supporters in the community. Students, families, and other supporters simply fill up the bags with Maine redeemable bottles and cans, affix the sticker tag to the bag (tags can be found on the envelopes), and return them to any Hannaford Supermarket featuring CLYNK during the competition period, and the organization’s account is credited.

Once a school is enrolled in the competition, individuals with a personal CLYNK account may donate directly to the school of their choice online at Online donations are eligible to receive the $.50 Hannaford match for every $1 raised during the competition period.


The Rules

  • In order to enroll in the Maine Recycles Championship, an organization must (1) have an active Hannaford Community Cash account, and (2) be affiliated with a K-12 grade school in Maine.
  • Organizations (including last year’s participants) are not automatically enrolled. To enroll, an organization must complete the enrollment application following the link above and receive confirmation of enrollment, or call the Community Cash office at 1-866-228-845 to enroll over the phone.
  • Participating organizations must order bags by contacting the Community Cash office at 1-866-228-8454 or
  • Bags must be dropped between Friday, February 17, 2017 and Monday, April 24, 2017 to be counted.
  • No large one time drop-offs at any Hannaford location (in other words, drop off bags as they fill; don’t collect them). Please ensure that no more than ten (10) bags are dropped off by any one person at a time.
  • The contact person of the enrolled organization must be affiliated with the school (student, faculty, or organization leader). Individual students should be a student leader or work within a specific school group (e.g. environmental club) or alongside a faculty member to enroll an organization or school.
  • We will use the 2016 Maine enrollment numbers to determine which tier a school falls in unless there has been a significant change. If this is the case we ask that you provide us with an updated enrollment total (number of students in your school) at sign up.
  • Bags can be dropped at any Hannaford store featuring CLYNK.
  • Bags are purchased from CLYNK in multiples of 100. Bag cost is automatically deducted from the account when ordered so there is no out-of-pocket expense. Each box of bags, tags and envelope costs $17.50 plus tax.
  • Additional resources such as flyers and example letters can be found at (coming soon)
  • Tier 1 & 2 prize money checks will be issued in the name of the school after the competition ends.
  • Redemption money raised during the competition will be distributed in checks issued in the name of the organization after the competition ends. For accounts receiving regular quarterly checks through Hannaford Community Cash, this will disrupt the check schedule by delaying the check until the competition ends (in other words, second quarter checks that usually go out in April will not be sent until May). Match money provided by Hannaford will be included in the checks.