Hello Again Friends!

Has Anything Else Changed?
Not much. We encourage schools to raise funds and recycling awareness by CLYNKing redeemable bottles and cans year-round at participating Hannaford Supermarkets. Think modern-day bottle drive without the messy logistics. During our annual Recycling Challenge, Jan. 29 – March 26, 2018, your school will get even MORE change—or better yet, funds in the form of a check. For every $1 raised in the Challenge period, schools will get an added $.50 bonus, plus the opportunity to compete for other cash prizes! Last year’s winners raised an average of $1,500 for their school.

School groups like the PTO, sports teams or clubs, participate by signing up for CLYNK as a community cash partner. Parents participate by signing up for personal accounts and donating funds to the master school account. The winning cash prize will be based on the summed total of all containers, and fund donations, collected across all accounts. Plus, the participating school groups will get the bonus during the challenge period.

The Back Story
CLYNK is challenging the old norms of recycling and bottle redemption with a fresh, spunky, optimistic new view…enabled by leading-edge technology. We began as an upstart recycling solution in Maine nearly ten years ago, and with success came growth into the NY market in 2016. We are committed to supporting our customers, co-workers, and communities. We’re fans of the clear, bright, optimistic sound of change that can make a big difference in our pockets, in our communities, and in our planet.

Manage Your Account Online
You can conveniently manage your CLYNK account online at CLYNK.com to check your balance, change your pin, and track your recycling stats.