Zoller elementary Earth Day vision boards

Jesse T. Zoller Elementary School’s Earth Day Celebration

The staff at Jesse T. Zoller Elementary School in Schenectady, NY were kind enough invite CLYNK to their Earth Day event on Wednesday, April 18, and maaaaan we had a blast! The enthusiasm for recycling — from the students, parents, and faculty — made for an electrifying energy throughout the night.

Students created “vision boards” depicting ways to clean our Earth, elaborating on how recycling can impact their environment. Their ideas flowed freely after a field trip to the CLYNK recycling plant on Tuesday, and an in-theater viewing of “A Plastic Ocean” for inspiration. Some students even put on a performance, singing Jack Johnson’s “3 Rs” (reduce, reuse, recycle). In all, the event was “fun as heck.”

The Earth Day celebration also included raffles for recycling-inspired items, and the school sold branded reusable tote bags and water bottles while guest speakers (including CLYNK) rallied attendees to create a positive change. Parents showed their support for Zoller Elementary by pledging their CLYNK donations. Over 100 CLYNK bags were handed out to parents at the event.

Zoller Elementary Principal, Pat Doyle, has been an outspoken advocate for recycling and the elimination of plastic waste. As a scuba diver, Pat has seen firsthand the horrendous effects of plastic waste on our oceans and lakes. The school has been writing letters to the school district in petition against styrofoam trays, and in favor of paper straws over plastic. Principal Doyle will be speaking at the next Board of Education meeting about making the switch to paper trays.

Thanks again to Zoller Elementary for hosting this exciting Earth Day event! We hope to see you again next year.

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