New York

CLYNK is now available in select New York Hannaford locations!

What is CLYNK?

CLYNK is the new, easy and convenient way to redeem your empty bottles and cans, located right inside your local Hannaford. With CLYNK, you can quickly drop off your empty bottles and cans at CLYNK’s bag drop on your next Hannaford shopping trip.

To become a CLYNK user, the first step is to create an account by clicking the sign up button located on this screen.

Once you sign up, we will mail a sign up kit to you, which includes a coupon for 10 free CLYNK bags that you can use for your bottles and cans. You will also get your own custom bag tags that you can place on each bag once it is filled with empty bottles and cans. Then, simply drop off your filled bags at your local Hannaford CLYNK drop. CLYNK will process your bags, and within 48 hours funds will go automatically into your own CLYNK account, which you can exchange for cash, groceries or even donate to a local charity.

Sign Up
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