Rock Climbers Pledge to Combat Climate Change with Dear Tomorrow

Last week, CLYNK and GrandyOats hosted our first-ever Climb It For The Climate rock climbing event at EVO Rock + Fitness in Portland, Maine. Our goal was to raise climate change awareness for Dear Tomorrow by encouraging climbers to pledge their commitment to the environment.

DearTomorrow is an online archive where people from around the world share pictures, videos, and other messages of environmentalism to their children, friends, community, or future selves.

Participants wrote their messages on chalkboards to show the world their commitment to the planet as well as their dedication to fighting climate change. Here are a few of the pictures:

Zoe makes a Dear Tomorrow promise, committing to organic agriculture and responsible waste management.

Zoe from GrandyOats joined us at EVO to make her pledge to protect the environment and fight climate change. “Dear #RealGranolas, we promise to always commit to organic agriculture and protect the environment through waste management, renewable energy, and education. We love our Mother Earth. – GrandyOats”

In fact, she made two pledges.

Leave no trace! Zoe pledges to use less plastic stay educated on environmental issues.

“Dear Mainers, I promise to leave no trace on adventures, keep myself educated on issues, be active in my community, use less plastic.” The Earth appreciates your enthusiasm for environmentalism, Zoe. And we appreciated the snacks you brought, too.

These climbers make their Dear Tomorrow pledges to protect our lands and environment.

These two awesome climbers decided to join the fun, too. “Dear future climbers, I promise to protect our public lands for your future adventures.”

“Dear climbing community, I promise to use my stoke for climbing rocks to help keep our natural areas pristine so the next wave of rock scrambling crazies can experience them! ”

Agreed, gentlemen. Our future generations deserve to experience the world in its natural beauty and splendor. Rock on, guys.

Ban the straw! This climber pledges to reduce plastic pollution.

This guy gets it. “Dear Friends, Say no to straws; you look silly when you drink out of them.”

#BanTheStraw, because plastic pollution affects oceans and shores everywhere.

Cycling and recycling can save energy and reduce pollution.

“Dear Mainers, Ditch the car and pick up a bike!” An excellent idea. CLYNK loves both cycling and recycling.

The EVO rock climbing community is all about LNT - Leave No Trace.

Even more climbers at EVO Rock + Fitness made pledges to protect the environment and fight climate change. Glad we got to hang out with you.

“Dear EVO Community, we promise to place at the center of our mission values of stewardship & conservation, & promote among the next climbing generation practices of L.N.T. (Leave No Trace) & ethical crag keeping. – EVO Portland”

Amy makes a pledge for Annabell and Max. She promises to educate others about clean recycling.

Our very own Amy was there, too. “Dear Annabelle + Max, I promise to continue to educate about clean recycling.”

Graham makes a Dear Tomorrow promise to the CLYNK community.

And Graham from CLYNK added a message for our community: “Dear CLYNKers. You are the future. We promise to help you continue to make change.”

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Climb it for the Climate event. We appreciate your efforts in keeping the planet clean, and we’re stoked to see you in the future.

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