Sign Up for CLYNK to Give through Cheers for Charities

Start your CLYNK to Give partnership today

Thank you for participating in our Cheers for Charities program, sponsored by the Portland Sea Dogs! We hope you had a great time at the game. And speaking of baseball, we’re grateful that you decided to listen to our pitch. We’re thrilled that your group is interested in our CLYNK to Give program.

For charity and non-profit organizations like yours, becoming a CLYNK to Give partner provides an invaluable impetus for generating incoming donations from your community. With CLYNK to Give, any CLYNK customer can donate funds from their CLYNK balance to your organization simply by logging in and hitting the Donate option. CLYNK passes the whole donation through – CLYNK gets paid by the beverage manufacturers who participate in the bottle bill so these deposits are all yours to keep. The only fee to you is $4.99 to have a check cut from your account each quarter. (And we only cut a check when your account has at least $50).

So what’s the catch? Literally nothing. You’re welcome.

Okay, well maybe there’s a little work involved on your end. You’ll spend 2 minutes to set up a free CLYNK to Give account. Then you’ll want to periodically spread the word to your audience and potential donors encouraging your community to donate to your organization using CLYNK. And occasionally you might want to hand out CLYNK bags and tags so individuals can directly donate their CLYNK deposits to your organization (works well for folks who don’t want another personal account). Then sit back and watch your donations roll in.


So how do you sign up? We recommend following these easy steps:

  1. Fill out the sign-up form below.
  2. There is no card. Instead, you will receive your funds in the form of a mailed quarterly check. Account must have a minimum balance of $50.00 to receive a check. The balance will be rolled into the next quarter until you hit the minimum. This isn’t necessarily a step, per se, but it’s important to remember so we added it to the lsit.
  3. Contact our CLYNK to Give Consultant by phone at at 1.866.228.8454 or by email to order more bags and stickers in bulk.
  4. Your supporters with personal CLYNK accounts can also donate their balance to your cause when signed-in to their account. It’s super simple. Spread the word widely for more change! We’ve also provided a video explaining how a user can donate directly from their personal CLYNK balance,so you can show your supporters how to give.

So why wait? Fill out the form now and start earning contributions from CLYNKers near you.