The Polluted Life – An Essay

Recently, a teacher at Peaks Island Elementary sent us an essay written by one of her third grade students.

“This Spring, my students worked on persuasive writing, tackling the issue of sustainability. One of my third grade students chose to focus on the impact of plastic on our environment, and gave a shoutout to the important work that CLYNK is doing for our community! I wanted to share her essay with you, and thank you for helping us on our journey to become a sustainable school.”

We loved it so much we thought we’d share it with you. The following essay was written by Lydia Ivers of Peaks Island Elementary School in Peaks Island, Maine:

The Polluted Life

I strongly feel if we put thought, time and effort into it, we can clean and make the earth greener WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I really believe that we should white out plastic by reusing materials, recycling, and getting rid of straws.

The first way we can white out plastic is by not using straws. At Peaks Island Elementary school stopped using straws because it was creating more waste for us. Those other straws are probably in the ocean.

Next we can white out plastic by collecting plastic bottles. For instance plastic bottles are a problem because plastic is going into the ocean and it’s harming the earth. At Peaks Island Elementary we bring our CLYNK bottles to the Hannaford CLYNK trailer. In each CLYNK bag there is 20 pounds of plastic. Than shows that we use a lot of plastic. If we didn’t collect plastic would end up the ocean!

Finally we can white out plastic by using reusable materials. For instance you should use cotton bags buckets, and reusable water bottles, it’s sustainable and organic and reusable. When plastic bags go into the ocean animals like a turtle will thin it is a jellyfish and most likely eat it choke and die.

These reasons prove that it’s very important to clean up and buy organic, local and reuse. At Peaks we white out plastic by recycling, reusing plastic trays and metal silverware. Now that you know you should clean up trash if you see some you can also reuse materials and make sure you check out CLYNK. 


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