CLYNKing Because She Cares

The strongest voices rallying for change often come from our youngest community members. 

Meet Chloe, one of our youth  members using CLYNK for good. As a rising environmentalist, Chloe has been raising awareness around eco issues in her community. She first learned about CLYNKing for a cause when her elementary school collected redeemable cans and bottles to successfully raise money for their new playground. Chloe quickly made the connection – collecting bottles and cans to raise money also supports a cleaner environment. 

“In fifth grade I taught my school how to make small changes that can make a big difference if everyone does it. We were using CLYNK to raise money for a new playground and I thought it was a great way to help the environment. I made posters about recycling and once a week I participated in morning announcements at school to teach others about environmental changes.”

Getting involved and staying active in causes that are important to her keeps Chloe focused on the mission. She is a youth member on the Otisfield Conservation Committee. Support from her family helps further her work – they donate their household CLYNK account money to the committee to help support one of their main projects, the annual spring roadside cleanup. The funds raised will be used for creating nature trails for everyone in their small community to enjoy.

In addition to her own educational outreach, Chloe learns about climate action from other local nonprofit groups, including Maine Youth Climate Strikes and CEBE (Center for an Ecology-based Economy). In 2019, she attended the first Maine Youth Climate Strike in Augusta, Maine. 

Chloe is already thinking about her future and her dream job of becoming a marine biologist where she hopes to combine two of her favorite subjects – art & science – to find creative ways to clean up the oceans and use less gas to reduce pollution and prevent oil spills.

With Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden, as her guiding role model, Chloe plans to stay focused on demonstrating how participating in small, actionable changes, such as how we recycle our bottles and cans, can create a larger impact.

With her artistic talents and appreciation for healthier spaces, we know Chloe is well on her way to becoming a significant environmental leader of her generation. 

Great work, Chloe! Thank you for inspiring us.

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