Environmental Resources

We all know that recycling helps reduce the global impact that humans have on the planet – but it can also have a significant effect on daily life. Check out these everyday changes that CLYNKing helps to achieve:

  • Groceries: Changing stouts to sprouts: The bottles and cans in your CLYNK bag can change the way you pay for the food in your grocery bag.
  • Education: Changing root beer to school gear: CLYNKing can change the way you donate to your local school or community.
  • Environment: Changing iced teas to trees: CLYNKing your empty bottles and cans creates a positive impact on our environment.

Interested in learning more about recycling? CLYNK has collected the following videos and links containing more information about recycling that will both inform and entertain.

Coca-Cola Recycling: Life of a Beverage Container

Promotional videos by Coca-Cola about how Coke recycles aluminum and plastic bottles.

Our Disposable Lives: Landfills 101

A brief description of how newer landfills are being made more environmentally friendly and what risks still exist. A number of links are available from this video to others relating to waste and recycling.

How Do They Do It? Airplane Recycling

A fun video to supplement drier material about bottles and cans, this video shows how the army recycles airplanes into scrap metal, wires, and other material.

Alcoa Recycling Resource Videos

A collection of videos from aluminum company Alcoa, these videos range from the comic “InCANvenient Truth” to factual videos about how aluminum is recycled.

Recycling a Bottle, Flashmob Style!

A fun video showing a recycling related flashmob.

Fact Sources

We strive to supply verified factual information. Although these are ever-changing figures, we will try to provide as much accuracy as possible. See below for a list of sources that have contributed to the content and information on this site.


Nevada Department of Environmental Protection – How Long Does Trash Last?

A comprehensive view of the decomposition rates of glass, plastic and aluminum by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Environmental Factoids

An interesting collection of facts concerning the impacts of waste prevention and recycling provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Recycle Across America- Recycling Facts

Recycling facts from the non-profit organization Recycle Across America.

Resources Recycling – “EPA Releases Municipal Solid Waste Report”

A summary of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Municipal Solid Waste Report highlighting recycling rates for glass, plastic and aluminum.