Environmental Resources

Coca-Cola Recycling: Life of a Beverage Container

Promotional videos by Coca-Cola about how Coke recycles aluminum and plastic bottles.

Our Disposable Lives: Landfills 101

A brief description of how newer landfills are being made more environmentally friendly and what risks still exist. A number of links are available from this video to others relating to waste and recycling.

How Do They Do It? Airplane Recycling

A fun video to supplement drier material about bottles and cans, this video shows how the army recycles airplanes into scrap metal, wires, and other material.

Alcoa Recycling Resource Videos

A collection of videos from aluminum company Alcoa, these videos range from the comic “InCANvenient Truth” to factual videos about how aluminum is recycled.

Recycling a Bottle, Flashmob Style!

A fun video showing a recycling related flashmob.

Fact Sources

We strive to supply verified factual information. Although these are ever-changing figures, we will try to provide as much accuracy as possible. See below for a list of sources that have contributed to the content and information on this site.


Nevada Department of Environmental Protection – How Long Does Trash Last?

A comprehensive view of the decomposition rates of glass, plastic and aluminum by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- Environmental Factoids

An interesting collection of facts concerning the impacts of waste prevention and recycling provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Recycle Across America- Recycling Facts

Recycling facts from the non-profit organization Recycle Across America.

Resources Recycling – “EPA Releases Municipal Solid Waste Report”

A summary of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Municipal Solid Waste Report highlighting recycling rates for glass, plastic and aluminum.