Bag It!

Thank you for contributing to the health of our planet by recycling your bottles and cans through CLYNK’s convenient and beloved Bag Drop program. 

We want our customers to know that sustainability extends to our CLYNK bags. They are manufactured with recycled content, including post-industrial plant scrap and post-consumer material. Both are valuable and play an important role in promoting sustainable practices. Using recycled content has many significant environmental advantages such as reducing energy consumption and extraction of finite resources.

One of our partners is HP HOOD located near our Portland facility. We use their recycled film material and grind it up into a resin mix that is then extruded and made into CLYNK bags. Our hard-working processors empty the bottles and cans, then bail and ship the empty bags to a processing facility to ensure that they are repurposed again into the highest and best possible end product.

More questions about CLYNK’s bags? Visit our Bags, Tags and Containers FAQs!

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