Redemption: How CLYNK Revolutionized My Recycling!

I’m up for any effort that helps keep our environment clean and that includes incorporating new ways of performing old tasks. Some improvements are more impactful than others and I have found that the most creative can even offer a bit of fun in the process. Such is the case when recycling with CLYNK, a company that provides the easiest, most efficient way to deal with the many empty bottles I save, clean and store in my garage. Think 21st century high-tech meets 20th century recycling! While its innovation is impressive, there is much more to CLYNK than meets the eye. This is a company dedicated to serving community – another endeavor that resonates strongly with me. When I found out I could easily donate the money from my CLYNK recycling efforts to my favorite local charity, the deal was sealed. What’s not to love?

To start, I visited their website and found the entire process explained clearly, from setting up my account to dropping off my bags.  The most difficult part was exercising patience to get into action.  I eagerly awaited my first experience with modern recycling and checked my mail for any sign of a CLYNK envelope. Within a few days I had received it – inside, a card and bag stickers with my specific ID# along with all the information necessary to begin.  CLYNK even included a coupon for a free box of their famous green bags (thank you!). 

With 53 Hannaford locations in Maine serving as drop-off sites, I planned to combine my recycling efforts with grocery shopping duties.  During my pre-CLYNK days, carrying bags full of bottles to a redemption center would have been a separate errand.  Now I would simply save my recycling for a day when I needed to go to the grocery store, which is exactly what I did.  Mondays became my day of choice when I would pack the green bags into my car and bring them along with my shopping list.  Dropping the bags off could not be easier – every time I entered the store I found an employee willing to scan my sticker and place the bags in the room designated for CLYNK recycling.  That’s it!  It really was as easy as “Bag It, Tag It, Scan It, Drop It.”  Then, I was off to shop.

But what about accuracy?  While I loved the ease and simplicity of the process, I wondered if units might be missed since I was used to counting along with employees at a typical redemption center as they sorted each can and bottle.  As a test, I counted everything in the bags and kept track of the numbers in my day planner.  But I needn’t have worried, and this is where CLYNK’s cutting-edge technology comes into play.  The company has revolutionized recycling by joining efficiency with accuracy.   A week into the process I logged back into my account and found that, indeed, every single bottle was accounted for by CLYNK. 

The online platform is very user-friendly so I didn’t have to work hard to find the information I wanted…and neither will you.  Your personal dashboard shows your balance, the number of containers you have recycled and the amount of money you have donated to date. CLYNK partners with many community organizations and you can search and select your preferred charity and determine how much you want to donate. Also, you have the option of participating in a “bag donation event” if a charity runs a campaign for a certain amount of time. It’s up to you!   

CLYNK has changed the landscape of recycling for the better, with value-added benefits any customer will appreciate.  Ease. Simplicity. Accuracy – and all of this combined with the knowledge that I am helping the planet by removing materials that clog our oceans and landscapes, one bottle at a time.  I encourage you to turn what used to be just another errand into an extension of your passion for environmental stewardship and giving…CLYNK about it!

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